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Sunlimo Tours is a renowned tour operator based in Kuala Lumpur, offering exceptional travel services and expertise. Our advantage over competitors lies in our efficient and cohesive team of professionals, working together towards the same goal of providing the perfect vacation experience for clients. With a focus on Tourism in Malaysia, Sunlimo Tours offers a range of package tours that cater to various preferences, from easy touring to challenging activities. We have simplified travel to Malaysia by creating a user-friendly platform for accessing our services.

Backed by a well-trained team and modern offices, Sunlimo Tours designs tours for individuals, groups, corporates, and incentive travel. We understand the unique travel needs of our clients and meticulously attend to every detail to ensure a seamless experience. With 24/7 customer care, Sunlimo Tours guarantees prompt assistance and aims to continuously enhance our services with a strong commitment to professionalism in tour transportation management.


Create lasting memories

Our primary objective is to deliver excellent service to our hotel customers. We are fully dedicated to providing top-quality and reliable service.

Managed by an experienced team, Sunlimo Tours offers its own fleet of vehicles and knowledgeable staff to cater to valued clients.

Our tourist packages offer a diverse selection of Malaysia's most popular destinations, to provide you with a glimpse into Malaysian traditions, culture, and breathtaking landscapes.

We customize our plans according to your specifications and budget, and we can even make adjustments to our pre-packaged tours to accommodate your convenience.


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